Electrical components, electronics for various fields of application. The production includes connectors used in the heating, air conditioning and electronics industries.

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Our laboratories produce semi-finished products in thermoplastic materials able to meet the requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

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Dental technician

It starts from the technical office that designs samples and prototypes based on information provided by the clients and provides technical advice about the different problems that may arise under construction or in the use of special...

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In recent years the company has specialized in Surlyne moulding (ionomer resin) and PETG used in the cosmetics industry in glass replacement.

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Food technician

The design and use of advanced technologies allow for the study of the product and the most suitable plastic materials, thus finding the best solution to every request.

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Since 1961 Amba has been present on the Italian market in the thermoplastic molding sector.

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Who we are

Amba was born in the 1960s, during the Italian economic boom.
At that time new companies were born, often founded by employees who lay off and start their own businesses. This is the case of Enzo Landini, who starts the production of plastic materials in the first headquarter in Parma.

Over the years, it has specialized in areas such as: Cosmetics, Food, Technology, Pharmaceutical and Perfumery.
The latter looked after in particular by a specialized team, who have gained experience over the years in the designing and manufacturing of products.