Who we are

Amba was born in the 1960s, during the Italian economic boom.

At that time new companies were born, often founded by employees who lay off and start their own businesses. This is the case of Enzo Landini, who starts the production of plastic materials in the first headquarter in Parma.

Initially specialized in bicycle items and accessories, the company quickly diversified its business.

In 1982 his son Aldo joins the company and in 1985 Amba is transformed into a limited liability company.

Due to the premature death of the founder in 1990, Aldo takes the reins of the company and leads it through a profound renewal.

In 2001, with the entry of his wife Silvia, the new factory was inaugurated at the Pilastrello in Marano (PR): over 2000 square meters, modern injection molding presses, a mold laboratory with numeric controlled machines (CNC) and a modern warehouse.

Over the past twenty years, continuous innovations have allowed Amba to operate in a wide range of sectors: cosmetic, pharmaceutical, dental, food and electrical technicians.

What we do

The long-run experience of Amba and the professionalism achieved in the management of injection thermoplastic materials allow an optimal engineering of the items produced to ensure the best quality/price ratio.

Thanks to its mold laboratory and the expertise developed by specialized personnel, Amba is able to offer a personalized service to each customer, combined with the flexibility that has always characterized it.