Amba keeps up to date with the latest technology: machinery, tools and staff are constantly updated to ensure a modern production that is more fluid in its processes.

The entire production process is done inside the company.

It starts from the technical office that designs samples and prototypes based on information provided by the clients and provides technical advice about the different problems that may arise under construction or in the use of special materials.

The development of the real product begins in the internal workshop with the CAD-CAM modelling for making the moulds (the moulding department consists of DEMAG, ARBURG and ENGEL presses of up to 300 tons) and proceeds to all subsequent finishing stages: screen printing, hot stamping, plating, metallization, assembly, etc.

Amba’s vocation to modernity is also expressed in the materials chosen for the production.

In fact, in recent years the company has specialized in Surlyne moulding (ionomer resin) and PETG used in the cosmetics industry in glass replacement. This highly transparent material, in addition to offering excellent resistance to alcohol and to the essences, can be used in producing thick-walled plastics.